E.On Concern Congress

E.On Concern Congress
The Brief:
Client: Circ Corporate Experience GmbH & Co.
Event: E.On Concern Congress
Hotels: Several 4-5 star hotels in Golden Sands
Period: End of November
Type of event: Conference
Guest profile: EON Energie AG's managers
Attendees: 1000
Service Scope:
  • Hotel management
  • Special arrival and departure procedures, handling the luggages and passports
  • Special transfers with public transport vehicles
  • Rent of 200 cars
  • Event Venue booking and arrangements
  • Technical equipment supply
  • Guest list handling, reservations
  • Gala Dinner with program
  • Transportation
  • Registration Management
  • Event set up and coordination
  • Special excursion program
The event with motto “Surpassing Boundaries with Energy” was nominated for Gala Award, as the biggest corporate event ever staged in Bulgaria.
The participants were challenged to go beyond their discomfort zone and face the way of life of the Bulgarians from first hand. Instead of organized VIP transfers to the warm and comfortable five-star hotels, the managers used the public transport in the cold rainy weather and then drove themselves with rent-a-cars, following the Cyrillic signs. They visited alone, without guidance, in group of five, local businesses and familiarized with the people, talking about their problems. Another challenge was swimming in the cold November Black Sea, meditation in a cave monastery and having a formal meeting in a tent on the beach.
The event was a precedent in the history of the event management in Bulgaria, because of the number of the people, involved in the organizational issues (more than 650), the complication of the language borders and the high specificity of the provided services.