TUI Number One Sustainable Brand

TUI is the most sustainable travel brand according to Swedish consumers. This was revealed today in the 2020 Sustainable Brand Index, which is Europe’s largest, independent brand study focused on sustainability. TUI is perceived as the most sustainable travel brand also in Denmark, which was announced about a week ago.

TUI’s ranking shows that our customers really appreciate what we do in terms of sustainability. Thank you all wonderful colleagues for contributing to making this happen! It is the result of hard work shaping our products and offerings, gearing our website for filters and categorization by sustainability, maintaining a continuous dialogue with partners and suppliers, striking just the right balance in our marketing campaigns, social media, inspiration articles, CRM, PR and much more.


The study started in 2011 and is conducted annually in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, and the Netherlands. Also, for the first time in 2020, the study is conducted in Estonia, Latvia & Lithuania. Their ambition is to grow the study to as many countries as possible to create a relevant overall image of the market for sustainability.

Based on more than 58,000 consumer interviews the Sustainable Brand Index identifies how sustainable your brand is perceived to be. 21,640 interviews were made in Sweden and 5,910 in Denmark for the 2020 survey. Each brand is assessed by at least 1,000 respondents. The target audience is the general public, 16-75 years. The different steps in the study (quantitative and qualitative studies) were conducted during November 2019-January 2020 and in February 2020 respectively.

The basis for the ranking in Sustainable Brand Index is the UN Global Goals for Sustainable Development (SDG).

The ranking shows how sustainable the different brands are perceived to be, according to each country’s consumers. The ranking consists of two main parts; one that is called environmental responsibility, and one that is called social responsibility. The final score for each brand is an aggregate of the brand’s perception within these two areas.