TUI Care Foundation supports Varna's Social Teahouse

TUI Care Foundation supports Varna's Social Teahouse
There’s something quite unique brewing in Varna, the largest city and seaside resort on the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast.
As well as serving delicious tea and lemonade in its first-floor lounge, the The Social Teahouse works sustainably to offer an events and presentations space on its second floor and a co-working space on its third floor. It also employs young people who’ve faced challenges in life and who are working hard to leave a cycle of deprivation and difficulties behind them. The Social Teahouse offers them a protected job which starts them on their career path and gives them the opportunity to stand on their own feet ready for adulthood. It also provides a 3-year mentoring programme, to help them catch up with everything they’ve missed out on over the years.

But of course the Corona crisis means that business as usual is difficult for the Social Teashop and its employees. So as part of its COVID-19 relief work to help communities in tourism destinations, the TUI Care Foundation is helping to fund its home schooling and educational programme to support the needs of the young people whilst they navigate the crisis.
As the Social Teahouse so aptly explains: “We do not hire people to brew tea, we brew tea to hire people.” So whilst the crisis continues, we’re helping them help them to keep the kettle on.
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